Topic: Environmental protection is the responsibility of politicians, not individuals as individuals can do too little. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

My essay:

Some people presume that only politicians have responsibility for environmental protection because they own sufficient capacities such as financial and human powers. In terms of individuals, their contribution is not as remarkable as that of government. In my opinion, I completely disagree with this idea as environmental protection is the responsibility of both politicians and individuals.

First, it is undeniable that environmental problems can not be solved without governments' instructions. I order to tackle some extreme weather events such as violent storms and prolonged droughts, it requires much effort and cooperation of politicians, large environmental business and experienced scientists. For instance, when studying global warming, scientists with the aid of modern technological gadgets accumulate and analyse data and provide precise predictions. According to the research, politicians will bring in appropriate laws to deal with the issue. Hence, it can avoid causing severe consequences in the future. It means it is impossible for individuals to solve such problems without funds and recourses.

Second, it is believed that individuals will contribute significantly to environmental protection in various ways. For example, in recent years, there is a trend in which people recycle used items such as bottles, cans, and paper to turn them into decorations. Another solution is that they can use saving-energy appliances instead of common ones in order not to waste energy. Moreover, if it had not been for individuals’ help, the government’s solutions for protecting the environment could not have been addressed comprehensively. One intentionally smokes cigarettes in the woodlands causing desperate forest fire is a good example of this.

In conclusion, with the reasons above, I strongly believe that both politicians and individuals are in charge of protecting the environment.

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