Nowadays, some employers think that formal academic qualifications are more important than life experience or personal qualities when they look for new employees. Why is it the case? Do you agree/disagree with this view?

These days, people have different views on the importance of higher degrees. Regarding hiring candidates, some recruiters put more stress on scholastic qualifications than personal traits or soft skills. In my opinion, I am not in favour of this view.

Undoubtedly, professional degrees play a vital role in selecting new workers because just as clothing is the first impressions. Hence, with higher degrees, employees can receive a handsome salary as well as work in comfortable atmosphere. Moreover, some recruiters pay more attention to a piece of paper in the Curriculum Vitae before looking at an individual’s experience or soft skills. For instance, having a degree prove that a graduate has gone through professional training before applying for a job and know how to carry out the job.

However, when hiring candidates, employees must give more value to practical skills and personal abilities than academic qualifications. Apart from professional skills, workers need to possess various good personal traits such as creativity, loyalty or diligence. In fact, it hard to assess workers accurately if employees just give more stress on university degrees. Furthermore, workers must have many specific personal skills and practical experience to solve problems they face while working time. Admittedly, those skills are not taught in schools.

As a result, there are an amount of suitable methods which need to be applied when recruiting new employers to check the team-work abilities and personal abilities of each person such as using questionnaires or luncheons. Those methods are quite straightforward and easy to perform.

In conclusion, either academic degrees or practical experience are pivotal when choosing new employees. Therefore, depending on both aspects to choose workers can also boost quality and productivity of employee’s company.