Task 2:

In the future all cars, buses and trucks will be driverless. The only people travelling inside these vehicles will be passengers. Do you think the advantages of driverless vehicles outweigh the disadvantages?

My essay:

Technology has a rapid development these days and the automobile industry gradually produces more vehicles with auto-drive functions. This essay strongly believes that driverless vehicles are more advantages than disadvantages and in the future, all cars could travel without drivers.

To begin with, the auto-drive function of vehicles could be an advantage to resolve the traffic congestion because cars were coded to travel in-law. In my view, many driverless vehicles were designed to identify any signs on the roads. For example, If the buses were driven in auto function, it would stop in the right place to take the passengers and auto finish a trip at a terminus. Moreover, driverless vehicles not only make the trips safer but also encourage the passengers comfortable. In my opinion, driverless vehicles could reduce accidents because these vehicles do not depend on the feel of the drivers. For example, the drivers who drive cars after using alcohol at the parties may make the crashes. Thus, if the cars work in auto function, drivers could avoid the accidents and could sleep during their trips. In addition, the drivers may get entertainment by chatting with others in a car or using their phones.

On the other hand, although the positive aspects that driverless vehicles bring to people. However, the drivers should take care of their cars usually to ensure that the auto-drive functions still well. Also, people should think about the price of auto cars before they buy them because these cars may be more expensive than normal others.

All in all, I think driverless vehicles will become a trend in the future because of the benefits that this trend brings for people more than its cons.


When are you planning to do the IELTS test, and what is your target score in the writing section?

Thanks for your reply. I have to take the IELTS exam on 25/6 and my target is about 6.0.

Could you help me check my essay please

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[ 1] Technology has a rapid development these days and The automobile industry is gradually moving towards producing more vehicles with auto-drive functions. [ 2] In fact, their goal appears to be that all cars in the future will be driverless. This essay strongly believes argues that driverless vehicles are have more advantages than disadvantages. and in the future, all cars could travel without drivers.


[ 1]: That start is too general, and is also ungrammatical. The topic is about cars, so you should get into that right away.

[ 2]: Try to provide a little background, instead of jumping straight into the thesis statement.

For the body paragraphs, you need to organize your ideas better. Try to think of specific points and write them in the following two lists. DO NOT write general points (for example, do not just say that driverless cars are more comfortable; explain how they are more comfortable). Also, do not write full sentences for now. Just list the points, and post them below.

Disadvantages of driverless cars

- more expensive



Advantages of driverless cars

- no drink driving