I shall be thankful from the bottom of my heart if you can kindly review my Sop for the Ugrad Exchange program. These are the points I have to cover

  • Your interests and personality,
  • Your academic objectives,
  • Your goals in terms of your field of study and personal development,
  • The reasons you wish to pursue them in U.S.A., and the type of program you hope to pursue and how it relates to your interests and future objective I have covered them in points :
  • If I just had to eat, sleep, have kids and die at the end, then what’s the difference between me and animals? This question started raising in my mind during my O and A levels. And this question is also source of motivation for me. Leaving our small village and migrating to a city for my higher education was a huge step taken by my mother. Despite the lack of financial resources, I remained focused on one thing, to educate myself and later to do something which can make a difference for the society. I try to focus on things which are productive. I have participated in lots of speech and debate competitions and secured 1st ranks most of the time. Along with that I am the member of Music Society of my University. So music is my hobby.
  • Currently my focus is on computer science and the applications. I believe that my biggest learning will be from the mistakes I make as an entrepreneur.So no plans for phds and m phils and would prefer self help books to adapt what I want.
  • My future goal is to become a successful entrepreneur and a motivational speaker. Prioritizing those startup plans which can generate decent capital and at the same time improve lives around me.
  • I believe that in USA I will be able to interact with people of diverse and creative minds with whom I can discuss my startup ideas e.g (food conservation) and collect their advices and to know how they are looking at computer science and its applications. Another reason of coming to Us is because I want to represent the soft image of Pakistan as a peace loving nation and also to represent my rich culture especially our music.

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