Write an essay on the following topics (at least 250 words).
Every year large numbers of people migrate from one country to another for different reasons.
Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of migration for the individual and for society as a whole.

According to the World Economic Forum, about 281 million international migrants for various purposes have been estimated, which equals 3.6% of the world’s population. This figure may continue to rise dramatically in the upcoming future, causing migration to become one of the global issues. However, in my opinion, moving overseas to settle creates both positive and negative influences on immigrants themselves and the whole society.

On the one hand, international migration has some noteworthy plus points. First of all, for the individuals, it brings about an improvement in the quality of life. In the majority of cases, people leave their homes for developed countries which provide them with benefits including higher wages and greater access to public services such as education or healthcare. As a result, their living standards are enhanced, together with life satisfaction. In addition, the host nations tend to witness a significant boost in economy due to a massive immigrant influx. To make it clear, CNBC reported that an extra 1% growth in the country’s migrant population might add on an extra 2% GDP per capita in the long run. Furthermore, immigrants are liable to fall within the working age bracket, which helps expand the labor force for the countries they live in; therefore, more and more products are produced and launched into the market to earn profits.

On the other hand, migrating is not always beneficial. To begin with, immigrants may find it challenging to integrate into an unfamiliar environment. During the time they discover every aspect of the alien culture they just encounter, it is likely that many problems such as language barrier, racism, violence or discrimination will arise. This is because new perspectives and ethnicities being brought into an established community may generate friction between the native-born and foreigners. Moreover, low-skilled migrants can not find decent jobs to pay for their living expenses and seem to be under intense pressure to send cash remittances back to their place of origin. Accordingly, they may commit offenses to make illegal money, which exacerbates the crime issue in the host community.

In conclusion, enormous inflows of immigrants can engender difficulties in adapting to a new culture and increase crime rates. However, I believe the advantages regarding high life quality and economic development will outweigh the disadvantages.


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