The chart compares the types of music bought in the USA in 2010 by 4 age groups. The youngest age group is 16-31 and the oldest is more than 58-year-old.

From the details illustrated in the chart, we can see that the recording sales of music types fluctuated. Different music genres were popular with different age ranges.

The number of classical music recording sales reached the highest point in the age range over 58 at about 4,5 million, whereas this type of music recording was listened least by people from 16 – 22. According to the chart, pop has the highest recording sales: 4,8
millions. Besides, pop reached the lowest recording sales in the age group 32 – 57 at about 1,5 million.

At age group 16 - 31, pop and rock are preferred. But from the age of 32, people's favourite turned to jazz and classical music. Rock music recordings were bought most by people out of 3 age groups.

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