Topic What are the main causes of problems between friends? Write at least 350 words

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Friendship plays a very important role in our life. Having friends make our life more meaningful and easier because they can help us solve our problems, confide in us, and give us sound advice. However, we can not avoid some problems when we are friends. And there are two main reasons which lead to friendship breakdown.

The first main factor which breaks our friendship is personal conflicts. It can be a difference of opinion. For example, when I was a high school student, I gave my suggestion in a group meeting, there was a friend who disagrees with my idea, so our difference in opinion leads to an argument with a few coarse words. Then, we had not seen each other for a few months. Also, misunderstanding is a problem between friends. To make friendship more durable, we need to understand each other. Instead of arguing like children, we should sit down somewhere and have a talk to solve problems together. Moreover, talking about someone behind their back is a quite common cause. If we feel uncomfortable about the bad habits of our friend, we need to tell it directly to them. Not only does it maintain our friendship, but it can also help our friends make themselves better.

The other main reason which leads to friendship breakdown relates to the job. It usually happens when we become mature. For instance, I was invited to the class 12 meeting, I and my friends talk very cheerful, there was an old friend who asked me about the salary of my job and mine was lower than him and he looked at me with a despised way. In my view, we should never tell our friends about our salary because income differential might be a problem between friends. Also, when we grow up, we spend most of our time making money so it is quite hard to keep in touch with our old friends. However, we can overcome this problem thanks to the appearance of Messenger, Vibe, and Zalo.

In conclusion, the two contributing factors lead to friendship breakdown which relates to personal conflicts and career. Making friendship durable is a very hard thing. However, there are three factors that can help us true friendship: Love, Respect, and Honesty.

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