A local magazine editor has asked for readers opinion. Write a letter to magazine editor;

  • describe what made you choose this magazine
  • what do you like and dislike about it
  • what improvements do you want to see

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am a regular reader of your magazine and writing this letter to provide my views so that you can make relevant changes in it.

This newsletter is a complete package as it provides the relevant section for each member of our family and this was the primary reason of choosing it. It does not only cover health related tips for elderly people and games for children, but also the current affairs for adults.

The things which I particularly like in this magazine are financial news and update on the prices of various investment avenues, such as real-estate property prices, commodity prices and prices of shares listed on the global stock exchanges. However, I detest the fact that you only publish a physical copy of this magazine and do not issue its online version. Besides, it hardly covers local news that many people want to read.

I want you to focus more on domestic news and cover the local stories. Also, try to publish its online copies as users of the internet has been increasing for last few years.

Should you need further comments, please let me know.

Yours faithfully,

Roy Smith

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