Some people believe that they should keep all the money they have earned and should not pay tax to the state. Do you agree or disagree?


In recent years, paying tax is the concerning problem in the world. Although some people argue that the cash earning from work hard should be retained for themselves, it is right that people pay their fair share of taxes.

Money is an essential tool in today’s livelihoods. First, people could meet their needs by using money to purchase the required things. For example, cash is used to help a family’s children in the form of school fees, which brings knowledge to children. Second, people do not only need money to cater to their demands, but also for future investments. The more that people have to invest, the more they believe they can accumulate in the long term. As a result, many are reluctant to lose some of their income through the deduction of tax.

However, citizens should be obliged to pay taxes to the government for several reasons. The charges are paid for the government, which used to upgrade the public services all over the country. For instance, public services are things like the construction of roads, bridges, public hospitals, parks and other public facilities as serving residents’ needs. Besides, tax money is brought stable for the country’s economy. Through taxes, the government can pay off its debts and ensure people comfortable livelihoods.

In conclusion, even though many people think that they should not pay taxes, that money is useful to the stability of any country. Thus, people should not avoid paying taxes as it may affect the country’s economy and services that it provides.

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