Rich countries often give money to poorer countries, but it does not solve poverty. Therefore, developed countries should give other types of help to poor countries rather than financial aid.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Money has been giving out to underdeveloped countries by their counterparts. However, this does not appear to solve the problems of these nations. Therefore, I believe that aside from capital, rich countries ought to support other nations with knowledge and technology as well.

First, decentralizing the knowledge will help the poor countries to make better use of the money aided by others. The financial aid will be used more sufficient when the governments do not have to spend both time and money to study something that has already been researched. For instance, without the needed knowledge, the underdeveloped countries will have to start their projects from scratch, wasting both time and money on something that can be easily given.

Second, the technology lent by developed nations can efficiently give the poorer ones a head start, even if the machinery and equipment are considered to be slightly obsolete to the major powers. In addition, this will also help the richer countries to cut the cost of recycling the older machines. To illustrate, obsolete tractors, instead of being scrapped, can be given to an underdeveloped country to improve its agriculture. This can be taken as a sign of goodwill and a way to reduce the recycling cost. Moreover, it can also help to prevent inflation as the amount of money given is lessened.

In conclusion, money should not be the only thing that a richer country can give out to their counterparts because technology and knowledge can accelerate the developing process faster and more effective in my opinion.

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