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No I meant that the museum didn't replace elsewhere

That is not good English.

  • The museum was not moved to a different location.
  • The museum was not relocated.
  • The museum building is in the same place as before.

The two maps, the first dated 1950 and the second 2007, depict the changes to above illustrate a small local museum and its surroundings. in 1957 and the differences after 50 years.

That is not good English.

1)There is no "the" in the phrase "at first glance" But do not use this phrase. The lecturer wants you to study the figure very carefully so you can give an accurate report. Glancing at it will lead to errors.

2) "Plain" is not a good word choice.
At the first glance that there were not much more changes as long the museum remained in the same place. However, the adjacent area was pretty plain.

For maps, use compass directions to describe relative positions.

Overall, the museum building was in the same location; however, it was greatly expanded on the north side into the garden. A new shop and café were added near the entrance. A car park was constructed just outside the entrance on the south side.

Turning to the details, (That has not information content. Wasted words. Delete.) the museum in 1957 was located in a garden with mainly pine trees. which was mainly pineta creatures lined with the A side road led straight to the entrance hall of the museum; the tree-lined main road ran east-west on the south side. The structure interior of the museum was divided into had a basic-three rooms: named national history exhibition, local history room, and museum a store room.

After a 50-year period, The museum was expanded over the fifty-year period. much larger and added More functional gallery space was added rooms as well as such as a reception, cafe, museum shop, and education centre. aiming to service. (That is a deduction or conclusion. Delete) After a more organized way of reconstruction, (That is a deduction or conclusion. Delete) The entrance was also relocated from the center to the south west corner. It to leads directly into the museum shop first for benefit of consumption. (That is a deduction or conclusion. Delete) Besides that, the right-below corner (use compass directions on maps) groups of trees between the building and the main road were cut down to build a car park for visitors. The garden is now much smaller, mainly located to the northwest of the building. and left a few trees in the garden to make a scene outside.(That is a deduction or conclusion. Delete)

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