the pie charts illustrate the way that three different countries learning english over the period from 2010 to 2015.overall, as can be seen from the charts, the vast majority of proportions of english learners in all 3 countries is evening class, while the opposite is observed for online and abroad during the period of time.in particular, in 2010, the percentage of evening class was the highest, at 94% in country c, surpassed those of country b and country A, at 72% and 70% respectively. in contrast, there was no english learners chose study abroad in country c while the figures in country a was 25% and country b was 20%. the proportion of study online was under 10% in both countries.by comparison, in 5 years later, the percentage of evening class was significant decrease, at 67% in country A, 48% in country B, and 82% in country C respectively. meanwhile, the english learner chose study online was increase in both countries. the figures for people learning english abroad did not change much as they remained at around 20% and higher in country a and b while country c saw a small rose of just 3%

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