The maps above illustrate a small local museum and its surroundings in 1957 and the differences after 50 years.

At the first glance that there were not much more changes as long the museum remained in the same place. However, the adjacent area was pretty plain.

Turning to the details, the museum in 1957 was located in a garden which was mainly pineta creatures lined with the road straight to the entrance hall of the museum. The structure of the museum had a basic-three room named national history exhibition, local history room, and museum store-room.

After a 50-year period, the museum was expanded much larger and added more functional rooms such as a reception, cafe, museum shop, and education centre aiming to service. After a more organized way of reconstruction, the entrance was also relocated to lead to the museum shop first for benefit of consumption. Besides that, the right-below corner groups of trees were cut down to build a car park for visitors, and left a few trees in the garden to make a scene outside.

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Thảo Phạm 3293At the first glance

Oh dear! The professor want you to study the figure so you can give an accurate report. "Glance" is not a good idea!

It takes some study time to pick out the most important features from all the detailed information. "Glance" is not what you want here.

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Thảo Phạm 3293ere not much more changes as long as the museum remained in the same place.

Did the museum walk away and then come back? How could that happen?

Thảo Phạm 3293Turning to the details, the museum in 1957 was located in a garden which was mainly pineta creatures

A garden is not an animal. A creature is a living thing, an animal and usually something strange or unusual or fanciful. Conifer trees are not creatures either, but creatures might be living or hiding in them.

This is a topiary garden. Is that what you mean?

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Thank you for your instruction, now I get it

No I meant that the museum didn't replace elsewhere

I meant that the garden was mainly covered by conifer trees as the diagram shown but I didn't find the exact words to describe "conifer"

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