The table given compares the proportion of good ratings given to five different aspects of one college over a span of 10 years, commencing from 2000. Overall, there was a rise in the number of students positively rating teaching quality, print and electronic resources, while there is a decline in the equivalent figure for the range of modules offered. It is also clear that the feedbacks for buildings/teaching facilities stayed unchanged throughout the period.

As is observed from the data, three of the given aspects’ figures experienced an upward trend. In 2000, print resources took the lead, with 87% of the students giving it good ratings. Despite a fluctuation, the figure finished at 88% at the end of the period, registering a 1% rise. Electronic resources, which had the second lowest level of postive feedbacks at the start, skyrocketed to 88% in 2010, becoming the most postively rated aspect. A noticable 65% percent of the student alloted good ratings to teaching quality in 2000, this figure grew to 69% in ten-year time.

By contrast, there is a decrease in the corresponding figure for the range of modules offered. It dived from 32% to 27% in 2010 , ranked the worst rated aspect. In the meantime, it was noticable that buildings/ teaching facilities’ figure remained stable, recording a significant 77% of the students giving the aspect good ratings over the period.

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