Attracting ethnic students to access high - quality education is a outstanding story at Lao Cai High School for the Gifted. That is story of Luu Thi Din - a student of Phu La ethnic minority in Muong Khuong district of Lao Cai province. She was born in a family of 5 siblings, her mother died early, her father became seriously ill. At that time, Din was a 14-year-old student at a district school, facing the risk of dropping out of school. Din confided that she foresaw her future following the same path as her friends in hometown: quiting school and becoming a victim of child marriage.

In the face of that challenge, I and homeroom teachers in career orientation club made an effort to help her overcome the problem. The first step was to support finance for Din and her family by calling for the help of organizations such as: the youth Union , the Red Cross and students’parents at my school. The amount of VND 10 million collected partly helped Din’s family. More importantly, I helped Din overcome the sense of inferiority , and blew into her soul a motivation to change her life and destiny.Initially, She said that instead of going to school, most of her young villagers went to work on the fields to earn money. Moreover, she is a minority and from a poor family, so she believes that school is not necessary . I finally set Din a future career plan so that she could see who she would be in the near future. With clear evidence of her ability to do with my help, She was a pioneer in her village to bring change to many people like Din.

As expected, Dinh is currently a student of Hanoi University of Law after three years of successful study at my school with a view to working in her hometown to help more disadvantaged children.

After 2015, I advised the school to develop a priority policy for ethnic minority students, such as providing financial support and accommodation for them to attract more students like Din to study in the city. The results are positive when the rate of ethnic minority students studying at the school increased from 7% to 13% in 2018. However, this rate is still very low compared to Kinh group in the city. There are still many ethnic students who have not found the opportunity to study in a good educational environment.


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