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Can someone pls simplify the english statement below, for me to get the right understanding..
I'm just a novice in English so please help.

German on the other hand has a variety of words to be used when in English only "run" can be used, i.e. the word "run" in English includes much more meanings than the German equal "rennen"

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Hi Gary,
The English word 'run' seems to be the same as the German word 'rennen', but it's not really the same. 'Run' has more meanings than 'rennen'. To use these meanings in German, you need to use other German words.

I hope this is easier for you to understand. If not please write again and I'll try again.
"The English verb 'run' sometimes = the German verb 'rennen'. But 'run' also
has other meanings. So sometimes 'run' = other German verbs."


run = rennen
run = laufen
run (river) = fliessen (Fluss)
run through = überfliegen (Text)
run in the family = in der Familie liegen