Huh, I'm sorry that I'm bothering again...:-(, but please what does it mean if I say, for example: "We were flapping our gums??"

I found these examples:

- I'm sure we'll be flapping our gums on various issues if some others just want to drop by for arguments sake.

- Are we all just flapping our gums in the breeze, or has anyone actually changed an opinion or learned something signficant from reading posts here in the non-cycling forum?

- Experts? I doubt it - we're only people flapping our gums on an internet forum.

This time I'm not really sure, what is the point of this phrase. Maybe according to the third example...flapping the gums = "trying to be important" ??? But this doesn't fit me with the second example. I'm sure it has nothing to do with chewing gum..:-)

thanks for help.

with regards


It's talking without much purpose, or without accomplishing much (as your examples show). And it has a somewhat disparaging connotation.

You won't hear: Management met with representatives from the labor union today. They flapped their gums for four hours, and both parties expressed themselves hopeful that the strike would end soon.

But you might hear: Yeah, the guys from labor went and met with management today. They all sat in there and flapped their gums for four straight hours. I'm sure it won't do a damned bit of good.

You won't hear: My boyfriend came over again tonight, and we sat on the sofa and flapped our gums about how much we love each other. I'm sure he'll propose soon.

But you might hear: Susie's boyfriend showed up again last night and the two of them sat on the sofa flapping their gums about love, love, love. She thinks he's going to marry her...not that loser! Good for sweet talk and not much else.