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can you please help me with the next, for me new, phrase? Context: Girl came into the room of her brother. Her brother is obviosly a loner. You know, kinda scientist type. He was working on his dummy-copy of the rocket...
Danny: Get out of here,Laura!

Laura: Don't have a spaz. (????? Please is she saying...uhh, I'm not stupid, to obey your command? She said it with the smile on her face. ) I don't care about your stupid toy,Danny boy.

Danny: It's not a toy.Get out!

Laura: Why don't you get out? You haven't left the house in three days.

Is my idea correct? Thanks in advance.

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I take it as the Simpson kid saying, "Don't have a Cow!"

I think "spaz" is short for "spasm," that is, an uncontrollable and sometimes violent twitching of muscles, such as in a grand mar (mal) epileptic seizure.

Also in popular parlance, the adjective "spaz" is used to suggest someone is "spastic," eg., "don't get all spaz."

I don't think your take is correct. It's just, "Hey, relax, okay??"
Here's a small cultural comment.

Teenagers often use a number of adjectives, like 'spaz' or 'retarded', which thoughtful people usually disapprove of on the grounds that they show insensitivity towards people who really suffer from these afflictions.

Best wishes, Clive
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Thanks Avangi!!!! Yes, that makes perfectly sense.
thanks again!
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Teenagers too should be entitled to the generous benefits of political correctness. Sometimes adults are mean-spirited, and sometimes teenagers are thoughtful people.