Hi guys,
can you please help me with the next slang phrase? Context: Detectives are questioning one floor manager. They want to know, what happened when he and his three buddies were launching a rocket toy in the woods when they were kids. It went down in the night of the moon landing in the year of 1969.

Detective:Something go down with Seth and Danny(boy, who was murdered that day) that night ?

Bobby: No.

Detective: Oh, come on, Bobby. Unstable guy (that Seth)...Maybe not even his fault, right ?
Out in the woods, a dare gone bad.(????)

If I put this into google it returns a lot of results with the phrase "Truth or dare gone bad"...Please guys, what does it exactly mean? Please help, because I have no idea..:-(((

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I dare you to run that red light.
I dare you to steal a box of cereal from that supermarket.
I dare you to put your hand into this boiling water.

If the person being dared to do something actually carries out the dare, and there are terrible consequences (the police catch you, the supermarket manager sees you stealing, you are hurt by the boiling water and have to be taken to the hospital), then we say it's a dare 'gone bad'.

Got it! Thanks Jim!