I am a native speaker of the language; but I still believe no one is infalliable. I want a grand work for my Masters' in Environmental Science and Management.

Thanks greatly(in advance)! To whosoever volunteers to mark my "thesis". Please do treat as urgent I need to get it on the "air-ways" soonest!!

Letter of motivation:

The world we now live is riddled with copious environmental challenges as a result of man’s insatiable appetite to assuage his daily living. Nay, the imperialistic crave for supremacy through deployment of lethal technology which has compelled man to constantly explore, exploit and denigrate his delicate habitat with ominous denouement to life. This insidious catalogue of human assiduity if not properly checked could; in the long run annihilate every traces of life on earth. Thus, the need for a goaded global action apparently underscores the pertinence of man’s environmental-mindedness and snowballing profile of environmentally-tailored courses; paramount among which is the Masters in Environmental Science, Policy and Management (MESPOM) to which I am enlisting in order to acquire world-class knowledge: theoretically, practically and research-oriented; to help provide solution to the barrage of problems.

Moreover, since the completion of my five-year first degree in electrical/electronic engineering from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria in 1999. I have been involved in series of environmental activities all of which has moulded my reputation as a friend of the environment. While on my National Youth Service Corp (NYSC), I with the cooperation of other members had formed a youth volunteers scheme named Youth for Life and Environment; with the help of the Local Government Authority we organized seminars in the local parlance to educate – through dramas, cultural renditions, talk shop, demos, etc. Other areas of our activities includes environmental care services like Cleaning drainages, afforestation, proper waste management, erosion control; not only that I also seized the opportunity to demonstrate at the Local Government Secretariat how the deluge of biological and agricultural waste could be decomposed to fertilizer and use on the farm; having researched and discovered that 75% of the local waste belong to these class of waste product. This will increase the LG ability to earn revenue and increase farm yield. We also recommended to the local authority how to empower their teeming youth through implementation of people-centric environmental policy. This was where I learnt the rudiment of environmental policy formulation, implementation and strategy silhouetted against the cultural idiosyncrasy of the people. I also experienced the salubrious effect of good environmental management.

Furthermore, whilst at the Federal Ministry of Works and Housing Abuja due to my antecedent, I was transferred to the department of Environmental Policy and Enforcement which has since been transformed to a full-fledged Ministry of Environment. It was not long before my experience found use in the area of policy review and environmental management practice. However, my inherent environmentalism coupled with the ever-growing gargantuan waste management challenges. I desire to see my waste-to wealth ideology become a national policy not only in but in the entire world. I have been a local player as a result my quest to contribute in a global dimension is a shot in the arm to pursue a research-oriented Masters’ degree of international repute thus my application to the MESPOM under the Erasmus Mundus programme. On going through the course content and objective, I believe I would not be disappointed in the end. Besides, the multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural and high-inclusiveness of the course and the non-pareil reputation of the consorting institution is an attraction for me.

Nevertheless, the newness of the course in the third-world, the dearth of pertinent courses in the academia, nor yet the paucity of first-class research facilities implicitly suggest to me that global solution could logically emerge from a global institution with a global curriculum which further accentuated my application to the MESPOM.

Finally, I might not have had a first degree in environmental science but you are aware full well that a degree in engineering is the strongest tool needed to understand the inaudible throes of a yelling environment. I hope by my application the spaces on this programme have been reduced by one. I look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely yours,

Oredeko O.A.

Firstly, where are you applying? Is it in Nigeria or another country? You may need to adapt your writing style for a different country!

I'm well aware that formal Nigerian English has a distinctive style and is rather 'florid' compared with other versions, which is why I asked where you are applying. If in Africa, this letter is ok, but if not, you will have to work on it as parts are quite incomprehensible to a European (and in the US). Let me know where you are applying before I comment.
By the way 'I hope by my application the spaces on this programme have been reduced by one. I look forward to hearing from you.' - part of me loves this ending and part of me hopes whoever reads it has a sense of humour!
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Thanks Nona! I'm applying to an European school, Central European University in Hungary. Let me know which area you think I'd need to touch up. I'm greatful for your effort. I still expect more.

Real thanks dear

Hi all,

I expect more critique of the piece; time is fast running out on me. I need to get it posted by next Monday, at the latest. All ye good people please bring this work under the 'electron microscope' of scrutiny.

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