Hello Guys,,,,

I really need somebody to help me find a song I used to hear in 1998 or 1999....I really couldn't remember the time

All what I still remember of that song is some words

It's starting with a sound of someone getting a room to find a man with his gril friend, then they make a small conversation then he kills the man whom with his gril friend

Moreover, i can remember that there were some lyrics like the follow:

Ba ba baby, I can't believe it.....

I know it seems to be very hard to know the song name.... but I hope that someone professional could help me out

Thanks in adavance...
I loved that song the artist is "TQ" and it is called "bye bye baby" lol

hope this helps.
Whoever you are,,,,,, you are really great......!!!

Thank you very much.....Emotion: wink