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The article topic is: "Do You Want to Change Your Life? "

"The Map is not in the Site"

The pervious sentence is to make a wonderful brain storming for every sentence, word, your whole life.

When you see a picture and say its wonderful and beautiful picture. Then your friend says what? It's so bad!

Why difference in opinion occurs while you feel the other side is not correct and sees he is not respecting your opinion!

Dear Friend, when you will feel you must have certain degree of flexibility!

You may say the opinion of someone is wrong and my opinion is the right one.

Today we will divide people types to three:

First, Visual: The visual person says "I see", "My look" "The drawing is good or bad", "the color is brilliant".

The Visual one is interesting in what he see rather than he feel or say.

Visual Man/Woman is like the design shape rather than any other thing.

Also when look to woman, love her appearance rather then its soul!

Yes, try not to be wonder...

For sure you want to say "how I can say he is visual or not?"

You will have another key to know more about the visual: the visual is looking above while talking. You can observe it good when you asking him/her question to be remembered.

Also the visual when talking, he talking very quickly and breath quickly too.

Second, Auditory: The Auditory says "I say", "He Said"," He asked me to explain my opinion", "She called me and says ... and I said ... then she said... and I said..."

Auditory may be loved to talk! if you want to acquire someone friendship and she/he was auditory, you should be active listener.

Auditory like someone listen while he talking.

When you ask the auditory question to be remembered the answer he will look not above or below and he will look in front of his sight.

Third, The sensory: The sensory always look like quite and not talking a lot.

The sensory is expressing his opinion in form of body feeling. Like "she is sweet and quite"

Always she says "I feel", "I felt that he feels sad so I am trying to make him feels happy"

"The surface is cold" "My friend was so nervous like tee boils!"

The sensory always look below the normal sight.

The sensory like quite and talking slowly.

My friend, you now discovered the three type of personality. Now you will ask "Is it really make a difference in our life"?

Yes. Let us see...

If A customer want to buy a car. The salesman shows him the type he wants. But the problem here:

Customer: The car shape is wonderful.

Salesman: Thanks sir, all our clients felt the same you feel now.

Customer: Oh, wait the color is not good from the second sight.

Salesman: the color is not important sir, the important thing to feel you are happy.

The Business is finished, right? The Customer is visual and the salesman sensory.

Okay let us take another example:

When your husband back home and see you, let us describe their conversation:

Husband: hi sweet, how are you, you look happy.

Wife: Honey, I feel happy when you feel happy, my heart cannot stop beating while I sharing feel of being one soul with you.

Husband: okay sweet prepare the food.

Then they are eating now...

Wife: Honey what you feel after eating? Husband: I see the food well; your food shape is wonderful.

The wife not expects this reply!

Wife: I feel I am tired emotionally honey. Husband: sweet, never mind let us see movie to have fun!

Why there is misunderstanding between them?

Wife is sensory and husband is a visual.

After you see all of this, what can you do to communicate with every one type?

We want to make it simple, so we will say one sentence:

"Be like someone you talk with" that means to follow the same way of communication

If he/she is visual, be visual. And so on for the other 2 types.

My friend, you have a key just you need to use it.

(C) copyright 2006 Mohammed Magdy Ahmed, Certified Practitioner of N.L.P; Neuro Linguistic Programming from American Board of N.L.P. Pharmacy Student in Cairo University.

(C) copyright 2006 Mohammed Magdy Ahmed, Certified Practitioner of N.L.P; Neuro Linguistic Programming from American Board of N.L.P. Pharmacy Student in Cairo University.

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