Yesterday I heard a small portion of certain song on Star World but could't understand what that girl was singing because of my poor english. Perhaps that was some kind of advertisement about American Idol. Well, when song starts that girl who was singing was wearing read dress having red umbrella in one hand though her dress changes just after few seconds . If I can know the lyrics and singer's name then I can google about that song. I recorded that portion of song which I heard with my cell phone. Mister Micawber will attach that small file which contains that song which I recorded after sometime. That file has .3gp extension. Please help me. Perhaps that lady is singing, ''don't shake the sun, don't crave the sun, don't follow, I'm going after you''. Perhaps some of you can help me even without listening to that song.


(Sorry, Vijay, the file is too big to attach.--MM)
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Mister Micawber wasn't able to attach that file. But I have found a way. I have a general account on Yahoo which can be used by anyone. This is not my personal account. Yahoo ID is pictures4everybody and Password is 123456. There is a email which has that small portion of song as an attachment. Subject of that email is small portion of that song. If you can understand what that girl is singing then please let me know. Thank you
Hey I've been in that Yahoo ID and listened to that song, I didn't know that but I could understand that the lyrics goes: "Don't chase the sun, don't race the sky"...I googled it..et voilà: Jenn Cuneta is the singer, "Come rain, Come Shine" is the title.
See the whole lyrics at this link: www.jenncunetta.com/multimedia.htmlEmotion: smile
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Dear Francesca,

Thank you very, very much. You have done a great favour to me. I'm very much obliged to you for this favour. Although I can't understand a single word of that song but still I like it. Once again thank you. Take care.

Wishing you Good health and many years of Happiness.
Sorry Francesca,

I forgot to ask you what does et mean? I can find the meaning of voilà in dictionary.
Sorry: "et voilà" is French Emotion: embarrassed I wrote it because, as far as I know, it's much used in the most of the countries of the world. Anyway the English translation is almost like "here it is" and "et" is the French for "and" precisely Emotion: smile
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Dear Francesca,

Please turn on your private messaging feature. I don't know whether you will get to know about this post or not but if you come to know then please let me know the Italian versions of these sentences.

1: Good morning or good day (I think in French we say bonjour)

2: Thank you (in French it's merci)

3: Please (I think in French we say sil vous plait)
Please help me to find that song. I have recorded a small portion of that song. A portion of song which I recorded can be found on my Yahoo account. This is a general Yahoo account which can be used by anyone. Yahoo ID is pictures4everybody and Password is 123456. Subject of email is please help me to find this song. Thank you.
As I can see you didn't receive my mail. Anyway it was Oh Susanna look at this [url=http://freepages.music.rootsweb.com/~edgmon/stohsusanna.htm ]link[/url]
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