Okay, I would like to know the Title of the song and the Artist please. It may be a little hard to understand what the lyrics are because it is from a movie. Unfortunately, it from the part of the movie where a couple is making love. Sorry. But it sounds like the chorus says, "We're lost in secret dreams" or something like that. If you please help me find this song I would be the happiest person on Earth!! THANKS IN ADVANCE

did u ever find out what it was? cuz i can't find it either, and i really want to know what it is...
it's from the movie taboo right? 80s taboo not the 70s, im also lookin for it, but unfortunately im not so lucky either, guys pls help us on this one track "we're lost in secret dreams" hope i got the title right, and pls any knowledge about the artist let me know or us instead, Thanks.
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It's from Taboo American Style: A Mini Series part 3 with tom byron and gloria leonard!

I'm trying to find the song i've heard it before: "My love is everything it seems to be when we are sharing secret dreams" "We're lost in secret dreams"
It's the soundtrack to a 1985 porn movie so it won't be easy to find it plays again at the end credits i just found it and the names of the songs aren't credited like normal! I thought i'd heard it in a James Bond film.

barton leslie ginsburg: only this man can help find this song or track try contact him..

The full song is in the second video of the serie, betwen or almost minute 25. Unfortunate is hearing moanes or actor's breaths.
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There are a little part of this song in youtube.

Would you, please, write the lirycs? I dont know hear english. Thank you.

Time and time I've asked myself why can't I stay away

I know we can't go on, living our lives this way

People talk they think they understand just how we feel


We've got each other our love is like a storm

We've got each other our love is growing strong

Just like the rainbows

Taboo American Style - Secret Dreams - YouTube

13 years. It took 13 years to finally come around and find it since I last posted.

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