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Faith of Youth
Samuel Ullman said "Youth is not just a stage of life,it is a state of mind.It is not the matter of rosy cheeks,red lips and supple knees.It is a matter of the will,a quality of the imagination,a vigor of the emotions.It is the freshness the deep spring of life.
Those are really vivid descriptions of youth.Honestly speaking,I had never though about the word ' Youth "carefully.While one day,after reading that story,I was shocked.My heart couldn't be quiet for a long long time.Then I was buried in deep thought.
That young man whose name is Ma Ye I'll never forget ,a contemporary of both yours and mine who graduated from Shanghai FuDan University.However ,he has to live in the cold water forever.The traffic accident happened on his way to the school in a village in Yun nan where he had taught the students as a volunteer for two years.He was thrown into the Lan cang River in that accident.
Grief filled everyone's heart in that village.What a bright future the young man should have and how many dreams should come true!While all have gone with the wind ,with the roar of Lancang River.
Youth is valuable ,youth is vulnerable.Ma ye chose that way to dedicate his youth.Maybe someone will say if he had knows what would happen he shouldn't have done that. Perhaps! But I heart tells me he hadn't felt any regretted even the moment he fell into the river.Why? Because he has a faith,the faith of devoting as mush as he has to people ,including his youth!
Compared with Ma Ye,what's my youth like?Every day,I study in the bright classroom.Every day I walk aroud the campus in the sunshine enjoying the beauty of life.Every day with the night coming I fell asleep and have a good dream.Every day...... How happy and simple my life is now!But that's not enough.It's time I got a faith for my own youth!
Samuel Ullman said" You're as young as your faith ,as old as your doubt;as young as your self-confidence,as old as your fear;as young as your hope,as old as your despair.
My dear friends ,please take good use of the most wonderful time in your life.Maybe you're not aware how much power you have .Then Let's just do it,no matter what kind the devotion is.One day when you look back you won't have any pity!
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