Given is the map illustrating the alteration of a library during a five-year period.

Overall, it is evident that the library witnessed a significant transformation with more various bookshelves and space for students to study independently. In addition, the development of technology facilitated students’ state-of-the-art machines to entertain instead of traditional paper news.

Regarding the places where various books are displayed, children's books were emerged in place of fiction ones after five years; meanwhile, the library experienced a shrinkage of both history and self-help books, giving way to the fiction books and three other fields, including Economics, Kitchen, and Law. Another striking change was that although there was no alteration to the space for sitting, the number of tables decreased and was converted from single to bigger ones to create more learning space for groups.

In addition, there was an empty space in the proximity to Fiction bookshelf, it was then transformed into children's area. Furthermore, there was a shelf for newspapers and periodicals in the past, it was converted into Films and DVDs. Finally, while there was no transformation of the Librarian's Desk and stairs to the South of the library, computers were arranged between the stairs and the shelf for films and DVDs.


Where is the map?

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Thank you for your response. The image is in the attached file


You do not have enough time in the exam to write so many words. For a layout task like this one, you need to specify/describe locations.


The diagram shows the layout of a library and how it looked five years after some renovation.

Overall, the only parts that did not change are the entrance at the bottom, the librarian’s desk behind that, and the stairs in the bottom right.

The tables in the middle of the library were replaced by fewer but larger ones. To the right of those, the newspapers and periodicals were replaced by films and DVDs, and below that section, some computers were added.

Initially, the top part of the library was mostly taken up by fiction books. However after the renovation, children's books were placed there instead, with a small law section in the top-left corner. A new children’s area was also added below the children's books.

The history section which ran halfway along the left wall, as well as the books on self-help, along the bottom half of that same wall, were moved. In their place, were roughly equal sections on history, fiction, self-help, kitchen, and economics, from the bottom and in that order.

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Thank you a lot for your help!