I am from VIETNAM. i have some problem about task 2 writing ielts... some topic...i need some idea because i want to improve skill writing... i hope everyone help me.. thanks a lot...

TOPIC 1: " Many people say that we have developed into a " throw-away society " because we are filling up our environment with so many plastic bags and rubbish that we cannot fully dispose of. To what degree do you agree with this opinion and what measures can you recommend to reduce this problem "

TOPIC 2: " people use the computers when they work, go banking, but somebody argue that it will make the people isolate and decrease social skills. To what extend do you agree this viewpoint ?

i hope that everybody will reply for me.... i hope so..thanks a lot........
Part of the testing is to see whether you can come up with your own ideas, Dungtq, and express them. Both questions ask for your opinion, so you should simply write about what you think about each issue, as best you can.
thanks "Mister Micawber" very... but i need some ideas because these day i feel that i cannot have may good ideas, so i need help everyone... besides, English is not good cause i am from VIETNAM. Now, i am a student but sometimes, my knowledge about some topic is very bad,...

please help me,... i want to improve task 2 writing ielts, Reading is very difficult, Speaking and Listening is the same.

Please let me know that we are friends....
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Dung, first determine if you AGREE or DISAGREE with the topic. For instance, in topic 2, do you think that computer and technology help or hurts people ? It does not matter if you agree or disagree with the topic, as long as you can come up with materials to support your point of view.
Dear Dung,

I took this test two months ago and as far as I can remember they change the issues to write about - so there is no need to learn the answers to your questions by heart...

To improve your writing skills you should go to the library and look up words in the dictionary which can help you to swap between the paragraphs, to build up a structrue, etc.. Such as: Firstly, by and large, on the one hand - on the the other hand, etc..
Moreover you should look up words which can help you in the writing part 1 (where you must describe charts or graphs or a progress)
When you know some of these vocabularies it is easier for you to concentrate on the theme itself.
Because you said that sometimes your knowledge is bad: All they want is to see that you can argue: Take a point of view you don't agree with when it is easier for you: It doesn't matter if you lie - they won't ask you!
Before you begin to write: Sit down and write your pros and cons in headwords on a sheet - so you cant get lost in your argumentation, take care that you follow a structure!
Furthermore they won't count every mistake you will make in the writing test but you should avoid redundant errors. Take some time at the end of the test to go through the text!
The most important hint: Practice! After a while you will get used to these -sometimes really silly - questions. Think of possible question. Perhaps you are lucky and you will be asked similar questions.

Perhaps I'm wrong but your expression "English is not good cause i am from VIETNAM" isn't an excuse: This test is only for people whose mothertongue isn't English. But take it also as a chance they all have to cope with their special false friends. In Germany we have got a saying: They all boil just with water. (I know I am unfair to say that because it was much easier for me to take that test as my first language is German and these two languages show a lot of parallels.)

Nevertheless I wish you good luck!

In addition to my comments above I have found a hint in the articles-section of this forum:

(This hp provides you with some expressions you might use in your essay)

Best wishes

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thanks Anoymous about good idea, i hope that i will improve skill writing soon, thanks u very much..
Is thru with the new era millenium that technology is isolated us from the society. We doing things more faster but forget the value of appreciating the society that we live with. In the old days, we use to greet and learn from experienced ppl and share the information. Now, we seldom talk but just using email or msn. Kinda lack of the respect and appreciation for the value of responsibility to the society. Anything have pro and con if we see it globally.

We are not more fast pace with techonology upgrading to assist us but still is our ownselves to make the changes. If We intend to behave unrespectful and irresponsible for our society, we will creating a new generation that taking our own path towards the future. We only respect those who are rich and informative in the society but ignoring those who cant succeed in this environment. Our way of communication also become more globally until we forget our own culture or race due to many new development that need to catch up.

If this point of view is agreeable, i will continue...
it is very important for you to take care of your spelling and grammer in your writing and secondly it is very essential to use proper and related vocabulary. and you have good paragraghs organization and finally you must write enough to fulfil the ielts requirement.
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