Yesterday, some one was telling me the story of certain American president who once was a laborer. When he was laborer, he was given a task to bring certain material from across the river. But when he was in the middle of the river, storm overturned his boat. He tried several times to hold the greasy rope so that he can ride on boat again. Water was freezing and he was near to die when he attempted last time to take on the boat. After that when he opened his eyes he was in hospital. At that instant he thought he must have something important to do that God has saved him from dying. Then he realised in order to do anything he must educate himself first. He started studying and was over-aged student as comparison to normal students. Then he became C-in-C and later on became president of U.S.A. I was told that he preceded Abraham Lincoln. I'm not sure whether this whole story is correct or not. Please tell me the name of that president.
It was George Washington*, the president who used to be a laborer--his job was to cut down all the cherry trees. He also told no lies his entire life, unlike certain other presidents.

*This is a joke. Don't take it seriously.
I think that George Washington is reasonable....