Please tell me name/title of cartoon series about family of bears, where Father-Bear is very angry during dialogue with his Son-Bear. This is animated TV series, looks like cartoon sitcom, there are laughing in backround.
Son-bear: "What's the matter, dad?"
Father-bear: "All right"
Son-bear: "This excellent, dad, because I think that you get attack".
Then is aggresive behaviour and mother is coming to the room, then hit
father frying-pan in his head.
Probably in this the same episode) is text:
"You are look like mummy, who somebody forgot embalmed".

There are situation, when bear(husband?) is attacking for his wife-bear.
He is attacked towel in face.
During this episode there are lauging in background.
Please about get me name of this episode. Thank you.

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Is this a British cartoon? It's not familiar to me at all.
If this isn't british cartoon, this is other cartoon, probably American TV Series - cartoon sitcom. Please give me title of this cartoon series.
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I've never heard of this cartoon either. I'm sorry we can't help you.
Check here for some information about TV bears.

I don't think it's Care Bears. Emotion: stick out tongue
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This isn't Care Bears, but this is something as cartoon series "Underdog Show" or "Rocky and Bulkwinkle Show" (cartoon series from 60's years), because this is cartoon about family of bears: mother-bear, father-bear, son-bear and other bears. This is comedy cartoon, animated sitcom. There are laughing in backround, this was aired in Poland in RTL7 canal ten or twelve years ago.
This is probably American cartoon, something similar "Hillbilly Bears" as well, but action is other and this isn't on any farm.
Is this cartoon sitcom with scene, about who I wrote?
I'm sorry, but I have no memory of this show at all.
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