Exercise 2
Look through the following sentences and decide which are in the PRESENT SIMPLE tense, which are in the PAST SIMPLE tense and which are referring to future time.

E.g. 1. We visited Spain last year. Past simple
2. The shop on the corner is open every Sunday. Past simple
3. I wrote a letter last week. Past simple
4. They will find the new exam difficult. < name=ex2n4 SINGLE> < value=S ed>Present Simple< value=P>Past simple< value=N>Future
5. He decided not to buy a new car. Present Simple
6. He goes to bed at 10 pm every night. Present Simple
7. She looked beautiful in her wedding dress. Past simple
8. I'll see you tomorrow night. Future
9. I love you. Present Simple

Exercise 4
Using all the verb phrases we have looked at so far, decide which is being used in the following sentences. The first one has been done for you.

1. I am going out at 5 o'clock. Present progressive
2. We had finished eating before they arrived. Past progressive
3. I met Mark as I was walking to the shops. Past progressive
4. I had been working all night and was exhausted. Past perfect
5. She had had that dog since she was ten. Future progressive
6. He cycled to work every day. Present simple
7. I have been waiting for you over an hour. Present perfect
8. He became a recluse in later life. Past perfect
9. They will have finished their work before dinner time. Future perfect
10. I'll be waiting by the clock tower. Past perfect progressive

Exercise 5
Decide which tense or form is correct.

1. She's been teaching English since 1990. Present perfect progressive
2. After a year abroad, I'll have done a lot. 'will' future
3. I go to the cinema twice a week. Present perfect
4. They were living in America last year. Past progressive
5. She's washing her hair right now. Present perfect progressive
6. He worked in Greece for three years. Past simple
7. I've been here for six months. Future perfect
8. I'll be seeing my mother next week. Present perfect progressive
9. I'll see you tomorrow. 'will' future
10. By the end of the month, I'd spent all my money. Past simple
11. She's going to try to get into college next year. Past simple

I think I found some mistakes.

2-present Simple
4-(I am not sure of what you wrote there so) future simple
5-past Simple

2-past perfect
5-She had had that dog since she was ten - maybe I'm wrong but it seems to me that
'She has had that dog since she had been ten' is better
6 - past simple
7 - present perfect progressive
10 - future progressive

2-future perfect
3- present simple
5 - Present simple progressive
7 - present prefect
8 - future progressive
10 - past perfect (HAD SPENT)
11 - (looks like) present simple progressive
Thank you so much for the help, I think I have it now.
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