Could you help me correct these sentences? Could you tell me what you think of my corrections?

- Seeing you might be perceived badly/as wrong by my girlfriend. NOT SURE
- How much/What percent of income goes towards taxes? BOTH I THINK
- This bus's route is perpendicular to the other's bus route. OK
- I rarely say "...." about these type of girls/(when) talking about these type of girls. ALL
- If she fell, she would look at me as/while she fell./while she was falling. ????
- I purposely broke it, that way/so I wouldn't have to wash it. BOTH
- If I had done that, it would have meant that I would have had to do this./I had to do this. 1st

Thank you
I rarely say ".." about this type of girl/(when) talking about these types of girls.
More common: this bus route

both ok - I would say while she was falling

Your corrections are otherwise correct.