Could you please help me correct these 5 hard sentences?

1 When a client rings the bell, The camera will show you the door at which the doorbell was rung as there are 2 different entrances to the building.

2 10000 dollars is nothing to a company Which is worth/that has a net worth of millions.

3 There isn't one bedroom big enough in the hotel where you can fit an extra bed in the room/ that u can fit an extra bed in.

4 Now it takes me 40 minutes to get to work, not the 3 hours I used to commute (for)

5 I have the same salary as a person who's been here 3 years.

Thank you
Hello Alc,

#1 is ok, except for a mistake that doesn't relate to grammar. Can you spot it?
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Thank you



Could you please tell me what you think of the rest as I'm not sure please?

Thank you
Yes, that's right; except that you need a space after the comma.

The 2nd, 4th and 5th sentences are ok. In #4, you would need "for".

#3 sounds slightly odd. See if you can reword it, using the phrase "take another bed".

Best wishes,