Could you please help me with these sentences please. I have no clue if they are correct.

- I didn't keep them on for a year just to take them off with 6 months to go. (braces)

- Whatever amount you spend you get a 3rd of it back in store credit.

- I'm late on payments/I'm behind with payments.

- Unless the pain is unbearable I don't mind it.

- Don't tight the bolt too much.

- If the main character dies there is no way for them to continue the show.

- It took me the whole trip to watch this movie it was so long.

- Would you rather walk to the next station underground or outside on the street.

- Apart from/other than you need me to sign the contract what other thing is urgent.

Thank you
Can someone help me correct these sentences please?

Thank you
Hi Alc

First 2 are fine.

I'm late on my/the payments is fine, but, if given a choice, I'd use 'I'm behind with my/the payments'. This is the more commonly used phrasing.

4 fine

Don't tighten the bolt too much.

All the rest are fine till the last.

Apart from/other than needing me to sign the contract, what other thing (or, what else) is urgent. If the person has been told that there are 2 urgent things, then your original phrasing is great. If they've just been told that there are some urgent things, then 'what else' would sound more natural.