Could you please help me correct these 5 sentences please?

- LA is as far from NY as NY is from Paris.
- We were starting to get to know one another.
- Eating such a small piece makes you even hugrier./makes you want to eat more.
- Do you know how you know if you've gained weight. Use those jeans as a guide. If you don't fit in them, you've gained.
- It would be much appreciated/greatly appreciated if you helped.
- Do you find it normal that you rent is more than half your paycheck.

Thank you
Could you please help me with these questions?

Thank you
Anyone please help me with these 5 sentences?

Thank you
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let me try, hope can help

1. (not so sure what do u mean) LA to Paris is as far as NY to Paris/ LA to NY is as far as to Paris. (similar way as u want to describe the places)

2. we start to get know each other (one another also can, but i feel comfortable with this)

3. eating too little makes you even more hungry.
4 do you know how much weight you've probably gained? Use these (if the jeans are on hands) jeans as a guideline, you will know if the jeans don't fit you.

5. ok
6. do you find it normal that your rent is more than half of your paycheck

i am not expert but hope can help ^^
Can someone tell me what they think of these sentences please?

Thank you