I need lots of help with these various questions, could you please help me?

- Hunger is a very intriguing concept; the body knowing when it's hungry. (is concept the word to use?)
- Just fast forward it 1 min.
- Morality- wise I don't know if I could torture someone. (how would you say this?)
- Its not as bad as I remember it to be.
- To prevent overheating of computer, make sure you're not stifling air circulation at bottom of computer by blocking air vents. let the vents breathe.
- You tend to get more comfortable than myself in my own house.
- Do you find her pretty?
- You'll feel more awake with the lights bright on.
- I didn't get my exam by a mere 2 points.

thank you
not a concept, but rather a phenomenon

because of the moral question, I don't know...

the computer; the air circulation; the bottom

than I do

lights on bright

pass the exam
Could someone help me with these question please?

I'd appreciate it

thank you very much
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Thank you

Is the answer?

- Because of the moral question, i don't know if I could torture a man.

What does question mean in this context?

And is STIFLE the write word to use in the sentence?

Thank you Philip