my class have some topics to discuss:

1. advantage & disadvantage of television

2. good books are good teacher & Friends

3. advertising is wasteful & bewilders consumers. what do think?

4. nowadays people read less than they used to because of the influence of television & Video. What 's your opinion?

thanks for helping me!!! Emotion: money[X]
Hello, Ngocyen-- welcome to English Forums.

Why don't you start by making some notes on the topics yourself, and then we will see what we can suggest in addition?
For television:
- the people get lazy
- watching TV can also be learning

For the books:
- in my opinion, good books are good teachers and friends, that is true, so here I don't can help you so much

for the advertising
- it gives some bad ads
- but the most of ads are so good. The ideas....

for the reading
- with the time, so many things change, and watching TV "without" reading is one of this.
- we should more read =)

I hope, that I could help you.