Blind Justice

“No person shall be deprived of life, liberty or property, without the due process o the law.”

Blinds can see! Question me, or better correct me if I’m wrong, but let me first justify my claim.

Whenever I come across at any portrait featuring the Philippine justice, I wonder why the person holding a weighing scale has to be blindfolded. It’s confusing, yet as I started to comprehend it, I realized it has to be blindfolded to ensure balance- to know what was right and what was not; to avoid being biased and to avoid favoritism. I see! Not because the person accused is a public figure, doesn’t mean that he should be favored nor because the victim can’t afford to pay for lawyers, he will be deprived of his rights, o vice versa. Such a great idea portraying justice- equality among people.

However as days passed and life changes from simplicity to complexity, it seems that justice, too, is doing the same. We are aware of the different crimes happening around us, from theft to murders and massacres. What was disturbing about this is the way justice is dismantled to the court. Why is that there are so many innocent people being condemned and guilty ones freed? Is justice this time designed for the rich alone? How about the struggling masses, the poor? It’s so depressing to know that justice is slowly becoming a “transaction of money”.

Those who are doing good and honest on their jobs, those who work for the benefit of all and those who prioritize the needy are being stepped upon and stayed unrecognized; while those who continue to ravage our nation’s grandeur of mien and image are soaring high. What had happen to justice nowadays? Favor those who are influential because they can pay for our services and condemned those guiltless because they don’t have the aptitude to afford, and then call it Philippine justice? Justice for what, for whom? For those who are virtually wicked who are just trying to imitate a good image? For those wolves in sheep’s skin? Shame on them.
Is justice now becoming really “blind”? Blind of what is right, just and humane? Blind of legitimacy and candor? And is the “weighing scale” becoming subjective?

Each of us is now conquered without even trying to fight, because justice is now held tightly on the neck by those steel and bitter hands, leading it on the way of egocentricity for self pleasure.

We are the “blinds”. We can sense and feel that there is something mismanaged, yet we haven’t done any move to improve it. The truth is, we really distinguish what was wrong, it’s just that we don’t mind, and we wait until somebody sees it also before we decided to correct it, even at the expense of our country’s credibility.
I read your post, and you make a very good point. I am not sure what you are requesting from the readers of your post, though. Do you have a question or request?
please do check the grammar.