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1. one of the most commonly used indicators of the scale reliability (Pallant. 2004, and Field, 2005),
2. Scores for negatively worded items
3. The total scored named as TSQ, TSE, TPU, TPEOU, and TAISUS.
4. further scales for TSQ, TSE, TPU, TPEOU
5. five individual sub scales,
5. One-tailed significance values show that both the positive correlations of TSQ with TPU and TSE with TPU are very significant as p < 0.001.
6. Both the F-ratio (F = 9.667, p < 0.003 and F = 5.729, p < 0.005) are significant
7. These results show that both models 1 (with TPU as the independent variable) and model 2 (with addition of TPEOU as second independent variable) are significant fit of the data overall,
8. The eigenvalues of the scales are between 2.95 and 0.006
9. The variance proportions show that for TSQ highest percentage of its variance proportion (92% of the variance of the regression coefficient) is associated with eigenvalue number 3,
10. Casewise diagnos

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1.最为广泛使用的测量可靠性or可靠性指数 之一


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