Career Talk: Three Questions at Brooks Airport

Fedor "Fred" Michailov works at Brooks Airport. He takes care of airplanes. Sometimes, he fixes them. Here are his answers to our questions:

Career Talk: Hi!

Fedor "Fred" Michailov: Hello! How are you?

Career Talk: I have three questions for you. First, what do you do at Brooks Airport?

Fedor "Fred" Michailov: I am a mechanic. I work with pilots to get the airplane ready to fly. I also fix problems. I want the airplanes to be safe. Often, my work is hard. But I like it a lot.
I meet and work with pilots from all over the world--pilots from Spain, France, even Greece.

Career Talk: Where are you from?

Fedor "Fred" Michailov: I come from the city of St. Petersburg. It's in Russia.

Career Talk: How do you feel about flying?

Fedor "Fred" Michailov: (He laughs.) I feel very good about flying. I love it. But people need to be safe. That's always the most important thing about flying.

The man from Brooks Airport is ________.
(A) an actor
(B) a mechanic
(C) a pilot
(D) a doctor

The man from Brooks Airport is _________.
(A) Greek
(B) French
(C) a romantic comedy
(D) Russian
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Hello,freakout—and welcome to English Forums. Your answers are correct.
Thank you so much. Could you please validate below answers too


Mr. Lee will be arriving tomorrow at 7:45 a.m. on Asia Airlines. We have arranged for him to be picked up and driven to our office. He should get here around 8:30 a.m. or a little later. I will greet him when he arrives at the office.

We want him to have a tour of our production . Would you mind being the one to show him around? It should only take thirty minutes for this introductory tour.

After a short meeting with Mr. Turner, the Vice President of Production, we would like to take Mr. Lee out for a very nice lunch. I was thinking of the Italian restaurant, Primo. Would you mind making a lunch reservation for five people at 1 p.m. tomorrow at this restaurant?

Call me if there is any problem with the reservation.

Thanks for your help,


Look at the word facilities in the email. Which words or phrases mean the same thing as facilities?

(A) the production management workers

(B) the production machines

(C) all the work places and services in the production area

(D) the areas outside the production department

How many people are going to lunch at Primo?

(A) four, including Mr. Lee

(B) three

(C) two, just Mr. Lee and Mr.Turner

(D) five
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#1-- Your answer is correct, but the word 'facilities' has been omitted from the text (it should appear after 'production').

#2-- Right.
Yes you are correct. Somehow that word is omitted in the passage. Could you please validate the below too.

To: Worthington Enterpriises
Attention: Francis Mortimer, General Manager
From: Natasha Gold, Vice President of Production
Date: May 8
Re: My company tour

Pages including this one: 1

Thank you for your fax of April 29.

Here is my new flight arrival information: AL #603 at SFO Airport on May 15 at 9 a.m. I wanted to arrive an hour earlier, but there were no direct flights from Boston to San Francisco at that time. The only reservations I could get at an earlier time required a 2-hour layover in Chicago. I didn't want to waste time waiting at the Chicago airport. Could you please arrange for me to pick up a rental car at the airport in San Francisco?

Also, please change the 10 a.m. tour time to 11 a.m. because of my later flight time. Thank you for making these changes to the schedule.

Joseph Kolb, our Production Manager, will be coming with me. I would like him to take a company tour with us. The tour should not last more than an hour because we have a 12:00 noon lunch meeting.

See you on the 15th.

Kind regards,

Ms. Natasha Gold

Look at the word layover in the fax. Which words or phrases mean the same thing as layover?

(A) a period of rest after a trip

(B) a short stay between the parts of a trip

(C) interruption of plane arrival and departure times

(D) a cancellation for mechanical problems

How long will the tour be?

(A) more than an hour

(B) at 10 a.m.

(C) from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m.

(D) one hour or less
Both OK.
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Thank you so much for your quick responses. Could you please validate the below

House Salad
served with Italian bread . . . $4.95
Soup of the Day
with fresh bread . . . $3.85
Soup and House Salad
served with hot rolls . . . $6.95
Sandwiches (*See specials below)
Half Sandwich . . . $3.95
with soup or salad . . . $5.95
Roast Beef Sandwich
with cheese, lettuce, and tomato . . . $6.75
Bella Burger
with bacon and cheddar cheese . . . $6.95
Garden Delight
a vegetable burger with salad dressing . . . $6.85
fresh roasted Italian coffee . . . $1.50
Soft Drinks
cola, root beer, and lemon-lime . . . $1.25
all national brands . . . $2.00
Italian Soda
strawberry, lemon, or peach . . . $1.50

* On Tuesdays, all sandwiches come with your choice of beverage. This does not include beer.
What is the cheapest item on this menu?
(A)a half sandwich without soup or salad
(B) a glass of beer
(C) soup with fresh bread
(D) a soft drink

Look at the word this in the menu. What does the word this refer to?
(A) something to drink
(B) the day of the week
(C) everything on the menu
(D) the sandwich
Both OK.
Thank you. Please validate this.

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    Costs of computer repair and new computer equipment will not change.
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How quickly can the staff at Compfix be at your workplace?

(A) immediately following your call

(B) in 3 hours or more

(C) any time

(D) in 2 hours or less

Look at the word They in the advertisement. Who does the word They refer to?

(A) the computer technicians

(B) management staff

(C) the software designers

(D) the office workers
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