1.Transcript: How long did you take to get hare?

(A) It usually takes two hours.

(B) It took about one hour.

(C) I left at 2:00.

2.Transcript: Should I use credit card or cash?

(A) Yes, that's fine.

(B) You can use either one.

(C) Of course. There's no one waiting to use the machine.

3.Transcript: Are you saying he is not the right person for the job?

(A) No, I'm not. I disagree with you.

(B) Yes, I was thinking the same exact thing.

(C) No, I just haven't made up my mind.
1 2
1. Yes.
2. Yes
3. No.
#3 - (C) No, I just haven't made up my mind.
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Anonymous#3 - (C) No, I just haven't made up my mind.
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Could you please verify the answers below?

1> Transcript:
Woman: I’m sorry to say this but you have not done the work with the presentation.
Man: You are right, I will do it tomorrow.

Which sentence best describes this conversation?
(A) The woman is criticizing the man.
(B) The woman is apologizing to the man.
(C) The man is unhappy with the woman.

2> Transcript:
Man: Good Morning, This is Zee Computer Company. How may I help you?
Lynn: Yes, this is Lynn: Computer I ordered did not arrive. I really need it. Can you deliver it today?
Man:I’m sorry you did not receive your computer. I will ask someone to bring it to your office this morning.

What did Lynn ask the man at Zee Computer Company to do?
(A) Deliver the product.
(B) Come to her office.
(C) Wait to sell the computer.

3> Transcript:
You seem upset, what’s wrong?
(A) No, I'm not concerned about my driving mistakes.
(B) Driving in this heavy traffic makes me nervous.
(C) Yes, I'll take care of the problem with the car.

4> Transcript:
Man: The client rejected the offer?
Women: Yes, Tried to offer 10% discount.
Man: What do you do if it does not work? Do you have a backup plan?
Women: If worse comes to worst, I’m planning for additional 5%.
Man: I don’t know about that. We should call and discuss this little more.

Which sentence best describes this conversation?
(A) The backup plan is to offer the client a 10-percent discount.
(B) The man has some reservations about the woman's plan.
(C) The woman thinks 5 percent is worse than 10 percent.
5> Transcript:
Why didn’t someone tell me? If I knew about the party early, I would have arranged to be there tonight.
(A) Don't worry! I'll be there early too.
(B) I don't know. I'm sorry you can't be there.
(C) I wish you could've come. It was a great party!
Yes, your interpretations are right (the last one could have been C if it the conversation took place later in the night, after teh party).

However, the language in the transcrips is not always grammatical. For example, Lynn would have said "The computer I ordered has not arrived." While it doesn't change the answers, you should konw they are not modeling good grammar.
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Do you have any advice for me?
(A)I'm sorry, but I disagree with you.
(B)Yes, I was thinking the same exact thing.
(C)No, I don't know what to suggest.

Sam: I’m so nervous! I wish I don’t have to speak today.
Susan: Don’t worry so much Sam you are good speaker, your presentation will be great.
Why is Sam nervous?
(A)Susan is a better speaker than he is.
(B)He gave a bad presentation.
(C)He has to give a presentation.

Can I leave a message for him?
(A)No, I'm sorry. He's not in the office.
(B)I'll put you through to his voicemail.
(C)I don't think so. He's in a meeting.

It’s getting late, let’s continue tomorrow.
(A)I'm sorry. I've been too involved in other things.
(B)You're right; we should give it a rest for now.
(C)Yes, let's take a brief break.

Are you coming to the meeting today?
(A)Yes, she'll attend today.
(B)No, I'm flying to London in an hour.
(C)Yes, I'm on time for the meeting.

Karen: Hello! This is XYZ computer company.
John: Hello Karen, This is john, I’m very sick.
Karen: Don’t worry John, You don’t have any meetings today, stay home and get better.
Which sentence best describes this conversation?
(A)John can't work today.
(B)There are some meetings today.
(C)John is getting better.

Can I open the windows now?
(A)Sure, I do mind.
(B)No, you don't mind.
(C)Yes, you may.

Woman: Is the bank open on Saturdays?
Man: Yeah, but its only in the morning, it’s not open in the afternoon.
When is the bank closed?
(A)all day on Saturday
(B)on Saturday morning
(C)on Saturday afternoon

Woman: Mr. Smith you have a phone call on line 2.
Mr.Smith: I can’t talk him, I’m busy, please take a message.
Does Mr. Smith answer the telephone?
(A)No, he's busy at the moment.
(B)No, he's on line two.
(C)Yes, he's taking a message.
4 is wrong. Try that one again. Please don't post so many in one post.
Answer for 4 is
(B)You're right; we should give it a rest for now.

Please verify the below.
1>Transcript: Woman: I wished you call me before you get a taxi to the airport on Tuesday. I could have picked you up and driven you up in my way to work.
Man: If I thought about it I would have call.But I was in such a rush I couldn’t even think about it.
Which sentence best describes this conversation? (A) The woman has offered the man a ride to the airport on Tuesday.
(B) The two people are complaining that they didn't call each other.
(C) The man is explaining why he didn't call the woman for a ride to the airport.

I don’t think you handled the situation as well as you might have.
(A) Thank you. I think I did my best as well.
(B) I appreciate your honest feedback.
(C) I agree that the situation was a difficult one.

Woman: What do you do?
(A)I'm an engineer.
(B)I'm taking a picture.
(C)Fine, thanks.
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