The two pie charts illustrates the income of retailers on the internet market in New Zealand over a ten- year- period between 2003 and 2013.

Overall, in the first year, sales regarding travel was the most significant on the market, while books revenue accounted for the least source of income in the retailing industry. In comparison, at the end of the year, books contributed the least to the income on the retail sector and the proportion on travel again stood out as the most popular mode of income on online shopping.

Firstly, the proportion on films and music accounted for 21 percentage of the income made by the New Zealand’s online market in 2003 and experienced an increase of 12 percentage in 2013. Sales on books was 19% in 2003 and then had a slight growth rate of 3% in 2013.

Moreover, revenue made on travel which was obviously the popular means of income from online shipping interestingly saw a decline in percentage-wise from 36% to 29% respectively. In contrast, clothes stood at 24% in the first year and then decreased substantially to 16% in the last year.

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