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Here's how you should lay it out:


Name of recipient (This line and the next two should be single-spaced, this program won't allow me to do that.)

Recipient's address

Rest of address

RE: What your letter is about

Dear Name of recipient

Here you start writing your letter. Begin by expressing your interest in the school. Tell them something you like about the school. Everyone likes getting a compliment. Expand on that information a little. Tell them how you heard about the school and some characteristics of the school that make you want to study there. That's your first paragraph.

Your next paragraph should explain that you have some questions. Then, you ask the questions, focus on any details that are of particular concern to you.

In your next paragraph, you should thank the person to whom you are writing for their time and tell them that you appreciate their response to your questions.


Your Name
Dear sir/madam,

I want to write a letter in micorsoft outlook where i have to interacted every time with my boss and with my superiors

so there how can i write an letter in an correct way . could u help me.


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Dear President of school

Dear President of the school in ***, I come by this means making a claim to the operation of the school.
I am ***, the class G, the year 11 th year. I informed the President that the operation of the bar from the school and very bad for the students, not sastisfazendo the tastes of consumers (students). I would like the president extends to variadade of food, so that students do not voçem eat the cafes outside school.
I hope that the President see that.

Yours sincerely

<Personal details removed – MrP>
Dear Principal [last name],
My name is ***, and I am an 11th year student in class G.

I am taking this means of suggesting to you that part of the operation of the school cafeteria is very bad for the students: they are not satisfied with the taste of the food, and would like the school to offer a greater variety of foods, so that they do not have to eat in the cafes outside school.

Yours sincerely,
Dear mr osama;

i hope u r doing well:

knowing u are very busy these days, so i thoght it's better to write to u inqyuring about our next step now would be
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My name is Supatra Khamjoy. I am a student in the third year of English Education Programe.
I appologize that I missed your class on the 20th October 2008. I was under the doctor as my sickness. I had a cold and high temperature.
So,I promise to do the job that folowing in that periods and I would follow up myself and I will be in the class next time after getting well.

Sincerry yours.
Supattra Khamjoy
Dear Ms Louis,

My name is Supatra Khamjoy. I am a student in the third year of the English Education Programe. I apologize for missing your class on the 20th of October. I had a cold and high temperature, so I visited a doctor that day. I will make up the lost material from that class and be in the class next time.

Sincerely yours,

Supattra Khamjoy
hi help me to write a letter to school,
to join my son to new school.
i need admission letter.
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