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okay I have something to inform you about writing formal letter ... first of all formal letters you should begin with the correct greeting like ( Dear... , Dear Mrs ... , Dear Sir or Madam ) and it also should have an appropriate introduction in which you clearly state the reason we are writing ... however , the main body in which you develop our subject, introducing each main point in separate paragraphs and you should make sure of trying to write all of that in an formal language i mean you must use the complex sentences and non-colloquial English ... ahhh about the abbreviations you have not to use them any more ... and instead you should use the passive voice which will make the letter more intricate and meaningful text ... about the final paragraph you should take care of summing up all of what you talked about before or you express your wish for something to be done .... lastly , lastly , you must use the appropriate ending or the closing remark like ( Your sincerely , Yours faithfully , followed with your name furthermore your signature ) .... that's all if you want any more help I am ready .... Emotion: smile
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my doughter his studying 2 nd standrd in little lillys english public school
thay want later from prants later to agree for to send picnick
Hello, could you please help with the e-mail, where I have to ask to answer on questions in the document?

"I have finished the work on DOCUMENT NAME. The document was shared with you (link....)
Could you please have a look through it and tell if everything is ok.
We have added comments on points that need to be specified, could you please check them out and if it is possible to answer questions. If it is more suitable for you to discuss questions in voice, please let me know when you will have time for that.
I kindly request to you please include my son too in karate class. I will snd fees in my son's hand
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Would you please include my son in karate class. I will send the fees with him.
Dear Sir/Madam,
For your kind reminder.
Thank you,
My name is amjad khan we are living out for few days thats why i n informing u that we cant pic our child form the school bihaf of me my brother will going to pic my child his name is tousif khan
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House no. 605, A wing,

3rd Alley Street, Alphinston Road,


Date: 24.06.2017

The Principal

St Xavier's School,



Sub: Admission in you Institution

I write this letter to inform you of my decision to get admission in your school at the end of the academic year 2017-2018. My name is Emmy Johnson and I am studying in Loretta convent school in Norway. I have a good academic record and I want to change my school as I want to stay with my parents. As your school has a name fame and reputation, I would feel lucky to be a part of this institute.

I am sending this letter to you to get a positive response from you. I would feel honored if you please go through my letter and give me admission in your school.

Thanking you,

Sincerely yours

Emmy Johnson

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