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dear sir

subject:request to change classroom

Dear Des Newton

I am new to the area and two days ago while I was walking I saw a poster advertising your school and it really caught my eye because of all of the competitions you did well In for example the chess club won third place in their competition. The traditions you do also sound exciting like Orange day. Literacy week also sounds interesting. The thing is my daughter does not have much experience with community schools so I was wondering if maybe Emma and I could take a few tours just to make sure that the school is 100% safe because I have made that mistake before with my older son and I am not going to make it again. If it ok with you I would like to schedule a meeting for sometime near the end of May. Look forward to hearing your reply yours faithfully Joyce Henaku.

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i am parenting for s.k.yatindra .he is interested skating class,i am also given to the permission to join this class.so please give to him permission to join this skating class.