Dear Sir or Madam;

I desire to apply for the two year post Master program at the XXX University, Netherlands for the fall term 2008. In the following letter I would like to present my reasons for choosing this program and to provide a general background about me.

First of all I would like to introduce myself. My name is XXX and I am a Korean. I received a bachelor of Electronic Engineering degree from Seoul National University and a master of Computer Science Engineering degree from Korea National University of Korea in 2002 and in 2007, respectively.

However my major was Electronic engineering in my bachelor study, I have studied some lectures related on computer science. From that time, I was always interested in computer science more than electronics also I thought that computer science is more convenient for women more than electronics. So I decided to study my master degree in Computer Science.

During my master studies I participated on two international conferences and published one paper in the IJIPS journal which is the one of the IT journal of Korea. And also I was participant in the two student projects named “Power efficient change detection scheme”, “Thunder observation and analyzer program development”.

The main reason why I am applying this program is that I have heard many good things about this program from my husband and his plans for his future after he would finish the program. Also one of my friends already finished that program and now she is working in good company in Netherlands. So I searched for more information and decided to apply this program because this program would give me many things.

Also I have a flexible attitude and can work well in team or independently, which is so vital for this program. Besides, on this program I will have the chance to meet people from all over the world which will broaden my cultural awareness and will contribute to my flexibility and creativity. Studying and living in a different culture will help me to see the world from a completely different perspective.

Finally, I think XXX University is an excellent place to start my career and the program seems like the perfect opportunity for me to meet other cultures, learn another language and experience European educational system as well as gain more independence.

Please find enclosed my curriculum vitae, certificate and my degrees/diplomas with marks, inquires, references as per the requirements of application. Kindly contact me if you require any further details or documents. I hope to hear from you in the near future.

Thank you for considering my application and your time.

Yours faithfully,

I'll be really glad if somebody checks my motivation letter draft too. I've gone through this forum and copied some ideas and even senteces into that. I'm not sure if I can ask you also for grammar correction, but if somebody correct (maybe "fills in" is more appropriate, plenty of them are missing Emotion: smile the articles and tenses, I'll really appreciate that. I'm going to enclose this text and my CV to a short email with application. Thank you a lot!


Here it is:

Dear Sir / Madam,

With this letter I wish to explain my interest for taking part in PhD project "***" which is proposed by the *** team.

I believe my motivation for applying for the position can be better understood considering my study path so far. I started my bachelor studies of Computer Science at *** Faculty of *** University in *** with clear intention to continue with master studies at the same place. After completing my bachelor degree I've chosen a specialization on Software Systems. From the beginning of my master studies I've been focusing on the field of formal methods in software development and especially on model-checking. During that stage I won the scholarship for excellent study results and finally I got my master degree this January with overall grade 1.

While working on my master thesis focused on model-checking of concurrent systems, I decided to get deeper knowledge in the field of formal verification and software reliability. I started to look for research groups and laboratories concentrating on these topics. I realized that *** group is dealing exactly with the problems I'm interested in and I immediately decided to apply for a PhD position in your team right after finishing my master studies. To get broader survey in the area of formal verification I started to attend a seminar, where many scientists focused on this topic present their current results. I also attend an intensive everyday course of French since September to reach at least basic level of the language.

My choice of my former university and faculty was based on general belief that this institution is the most challenging and provides the education of the highest quality in my country. This fact helped me to make my best while studying there. But now I appreciate an opportunity to focus on an exciting research topic even more than high demands imposed on students. I consider the *** group to be both the great challenge and the place of projects exactly corresponding to my research interests. I think of that as of opportunity to get broader view of formal methods and security and to take part in the top-class research project with exciting goals.

I'm convinced that I can contribute to the above-mentioned project because of the experience gained from my master thesis and during my master studies. In my work I dealt with model-checking, implementation of temporal logic, formal specification, modeling language design, semantics and translation. I believe that I can apply my knowledge of program verification in your project and that it is an excellent opportunity to get an expertise in the field of my utmost interest. I consider program verification and reliability being crucial for further development of software industry and I definitely want to take part in research of this area. From my part I have no doubts about my motivation and commitment and I believe that I am a suitable candidate for this PhD position.

Yours respectfully,
my name
hi thank you very much u really helped me a lot