The tables give information about the temperatures and hours of daylight in London and Sydney during the same weekend in December 2018.

The tables illustrate the temperatures and daylight hours in two famous big cities London and Sydney during the same weekend in December 2018.
Overall, in Sydney, the temperatures recorded over three consecutive days were relatively consistent whereas there were some fluctuations in temperatures in London. In addition, despite being warmer, London enjoyed fewer daylight timings than Sydney.
It can be seen that the temperatures in London varied inconsiderably from Friday to Sunday with the highest figure being 13°C and the lowest one being 3°C. Meanwhile, the temperatures in Sydney were twice as high as those in London, with the maximum figure during the day being 31°C and the minimum one being 17°C.
On top of that, the average number of daylight hours in Sydney was approximately 15 hours, with the sun often rising at about 6 a.m and declining at about 8 p.m. However, in London, sunrise time was much later at about 8 a.m and the timing of sunset was earlier at about 3 p.m. The average number of daylight hours in this city was approximately 8 hours.


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