TOPIC: should students be allowed to use electronic devices in class?

there is a controversial argument that students are granted authority to use electronic equipment at school or not. Some people think that using these gadgets will distract students from learning. In my opinion, I do support the usage of electronic devices for the following reasons. Firstly, electronic devices can assist in the storage and retrieval of information process. Students easily access millions of websites that cater to learning such as Quizlet, Duolingo... These platforms are free and provide a large number of helpful materials to students and teachers. instead of traditionally taking notes, students also can store information through an e-book, pdf and take pictures of lectures. secondly, using electronic gadgets in education boosts the learning capacities of students and improve the efficiency of teaching methods. The quality of lessons is remarkably ameliorated when being accompanied by vivid sounds and images, therefore learners productively absorb knowledge. It is demonstrated that the adoption of electronic gadgets has made a significant contribution in learning process. In conclusion, students should be allowed to use electronic devices at class. It is also of importance that teachers and parents should give an instruction or help their students how to use electronic devices in a right way.

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There is no "hot debate" or "controversial argument." Do not use these, or similar phrases, in an opening sentence for Task 2 essays. The purpose is for you to understand a topic and give an opinion or analysis.

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