The bar chart illustrates the time spent by children (10 to 15 years old) on chatting on the internet and playing on games consoles at a school of UK.

Overall, the number of children spending on chatting is lower than playing games. Meanwhile, the figures for children who spend under 4 hours per days account for almost.

Boys like playing games more than chatting daily. Moving on to the details, the percentage of boys spending their time on playing games stand at 85%, while only 55% of boys chat online every day. Furthermore, a few boys spending 4 hour or over per day on chatting (almost 5%) and playing on games (around 10%).

By contrast, girls prefer chatting to playing games. About 69% of girls interest in online communicating each day (including 9%, 35% and 25% of girls spending 4 hours plus, 1 to 3 hours and less than an hour, respectively). In terms of playing on games, around a half of girls who spend 3 hours and under a day.