Topic: People are consuming more and more sugar-based drinks. Why? What can be done to reduce sugary drink consumption?


It is true that the consumption of sugary drinks is increasing globally nowadays. The main reason is this beverage’s attraction and a change in the way they are advertised can remedy this problem.

In my opinion, three main factors are to blame for the rising consumption in sugar based drinks. First, soft drinks become a go-to choice not only because of its taste but also its convenience especially when a hot summer day comes. People easily pick it out of the vending machine installed around public places such as school yards, cinemas, bus stops,... Second, instead of beer or alcoholic drinks, people consider sugary drinks as a perfect replacement in some parties having children or elderly. Finally, the food industry ‘s PR machinery also targeted audiences like young people and children for encouraging consuming more and more sugary beverages.

Sugar based drinks contain mainly saccharine which is the real culprit of many abnormalities such as diabetes, dyslipidemia, gout,... Therefore, the behavior of consumers should be improved as soon as possible. Fruit juice might be taken over as a best way to go on since they contain no saccharine and they are rich vitamin supplement sources. Also, the way sugary drinks are advertised need to be shifted. Governments should foster health awareness campaigns on TV and internet including compulsory messages of health warnings on labels, like tobacco products. At the same time, consumers need to understand the variety of risks they might face unless they change their habits.

In conclusion, it might take quite a lot of work to shift our consumption of sugar based drinks, but it needs to be tackled now by both consumers and the government.


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