please help me for writting a transfer certificate, send me a sample of T C LETTER
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Anon, it doesn't work that way. You post a draft of your letter. Someone reviews it and makes suggestions. No one sends you anything or writes anything for you. Sorry.
this is to certify that --------- son of mr.----------was astudent of ----------school

he was studying in grade VIII(1st &2nd term) Academic year 2007-2008

he bears good moral character all dues are cleared

we wish him good luck
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The Principal

Delhi Public School


Sub: Issue of Transfer Certificate


Please arrange to issue the T.C for my son Mr. Karthik Varma Jampani who has completed Pre-Nursery in your school. Iam shifting my family to Vijayawada. I enclosed the paid school fees original receipts. kindly issue the Transfer Certificate and return the caution deposit amount.

Thanking You

[name removed]

how do i write a letter to get transfer certificate
same state but different school
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The Principal - It's preferable to put the person's name

Delhi Public School

Hyderabad List the full address

Subj: Issue of Transfer Certificate [You can include a "Subject" line if you want, but it's not necessary]

sir, [Again, use the person's name. If you don't know it, but are 100% confident that it's a male, then use Dear Sir, with a capital S. If you are not sure, then use Dear Sir or Madam,]

Please arrange to issue a the T.C [I would spell out transfer certficate] for my son, [insert name here], who has completed pre-nursery in your school. Iam shifting my family Our family is moving to Vijayawada. I have enclosed the original receipts showing that all school fees have been paid. Please return the caution deposit amount [I am not familiar with this term but presumably is has meaning to you and the principal] when you provide the transfer certificate. I appreciate your assistance in this matter.

Sincerely or Yours Truly, depending on whether you are addressing this to the person by name

[name removed]
how to i write a letter to get school transfer certificate
Anonymous how to i write a letter to get school transfer certificate

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